Nope, not houses. :) I’ve started a new blog that is a collaboration between some awesome women. It’s called Long Live the Thing, and the purpose is to be encouraging and uplifting while being raw and honest and real about a lot of different…THINGS. There’s a little bit of “fluff” there, but not too much. […]

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03.09.2015 nate sallie worship concert sbu piano feature

Nate Sallie in Concert!

Earlier this week, my amazingly talented brother, Nate Sallie, performed at SBU in Bolivar, MO. He hasn’t done a concert like this in ages, and I was so excited that it was close enough for me to go. Crazy little story for those of you who don’t know…about two years ago my brother miraculously started […]

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02.25.2015 deer in gym socks painting artwork wall decor renovation old house feature

Snippets from Life

1. One cozy snowy morning the kids came into our room and hung out together in our window seat while Jay and I tried to wake up. I love their friendship and love for each other. They’re my babies. 2. Deer in Gym Socks has returned to decorate a wall in our house. It originally […]

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01.18.2015 diesels new big boy heywood wakefield bed vintage afghan 3 feature

Diesel’s Room. Getting it Together.

I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get things done around here. It’s kind of crazy, and frustrating, and overwhelming, and infuriating, and sad…shall I go on? Anyway, I wish I had kept a daily log of each room in the house. It would’ve been boring most of the time since renovations happen in […]

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02.14.2014 homemade mini pie puff pastry strawberry pop tart hot pocket nutella chocolate sauce black white photo feature

A Lovely Start to Love Day

I kind of decided to go all out this year with Valentine’s Day. In the past I’d let a holiday come and go and end up feeling guilty afterwards for not making it special for the kids. When they’re young, it’s harder to make things happen. You’re just in survival mode those first few years, […]

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01.30.2015 second breakfast with diesel new friday tradition feature - Copy

New Traditions. Second Breakfast.

We’ve kept our tradition of Friday Family Fun Feast on Friday nights with the whole family. Lula talks about it, loves it, lives for it! But Diesel and I have added on a little bit. After all…it’s not called Friday NIGHT Family Fun Feast! So why not feast all day?! (If only I could stop […]

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