Adam Lee Paintings

Design_Sponge_Caroline_Jayden_Lee_06 adam lee painting pink vintage danish chairI first saw an Adam Lee painting here in the picture above while searching for vintage-style chairs. (I’m in LOVE with that chair and rug, by the way.) As soon as I saw that painting on the wall, I went on a hunt.

adam lee mountain landscape art oil paintingI’m always on the lookout for good art. I really don’t know much about art. I’ve never studied it and don’t really know about artists except for the ultra-famous ones. At the same time I love art. I appreciate it, admire it, wish I could do it, and would love to collect it. I always hope to run across something wonderful while hitting garage sales or flea markets. Not necessarily something expensive or worthwhile, but just something that I’ll love and want to keep in my home for a long time. So far, that hasn’t happened! I have friends that have found good artwork, but not me. Not yet. adam lee man as beast art oil paintingI’d really love to own something that is original and not just a print. There’s something so different and beautiful about real paint on the canvas. But since I don’t even know how you go about buying an artist’s work unless they’ve got it on Etsy or something, and the pieces I’ve run across in boutique stores of local artists are usually pretty expensive (and rightfully so!), I guess I’ll have to make do with just looking and wishful thinking. adam lee the world travailing mountainsThe other issue is what do I really like? That may seem like a weird question, but I think it’s legit. A friend said, “It’s art. You like what you like.” True. But I don’t want to be drawn to things that may be trendy or not quality. I want to be drawn to things that are unique, inspired, timeless. But I guess in the end you can’t help what you’re drawn to…and you like what you like! I’m also nervous to spend a lot of money on something that I’m not 100% sure about. What if I don’t like it in a year or two? How do I know for sure? So I’ve never made the jump. And my walls are rather bare!adam lee perennial man art oil paintingThat being said, I found Adam Lee via a Pinterest link, and I LIKE! More like I love. His work immediately spoke to my soul, which is exactly what art is supposed to do. The colors, the shapes, the stories…I’m instantly drawn in and want to live in his landscapes. I’d buy up a whole collection of his work if I could and have a wall solely dedicated to Adam Lee!adam lee and they built for themselves kingdoms art oil paintingBut for now…more wishful thinking.

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