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01.18.2015 diesels new big boy heywood wakefield bed vintage afghan 3 feature

Diesel’s Room. Getting it Together.

I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get things done around here. It’s kind of crazy, and frustrating, and overwhelming, and infuriating, and sad…shall I go on? Anyway, I wish I had kept a daily log of each room in the house. It would’ve been boring most of the time since renovations happen in […]

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01.30.2015 second breakfast with diesel new friday tradition feature - Copy

New Traditions. Second Breakfast.

We’ve kept our tradition of Friday Family Fun Feast on Friday nights with the whole family. Lula talks about it, loves it, lives for it! But Diesel and I have added on a little bit. After all…it’s not called Friday NIGHT Family Fun Feast! So why not feast all day?! (If only I could stop […]

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10.21.2014 perfect fall day crunching through leaves kid diesel 3 feature

A Very Fall Superhero

Diesel was outside stomping in the leaves and acting like a superhero on beautiful fall day back in October (yep, I’m REALLY behind!). So I grabbed my camera and tried to capture this overly imaginative boy’s action. He cracks me up…every day. He talks nonstop, but mostly to himself, and it’s always some big story. […]

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10.26.2014 trunk or treat 3 feature

Halloween Decisions: Two Elsas and One Mother of Elsa

So…as I mentioned yesterday, Lula was unhappy to discover that every other little girl in the world wanted to be Elsa for Halloween too. After her Party in the Pods, our next event was a Trunk or Treat at our church this past Sunday night. When I went to pick Lula up from Sunday School […]

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10.17.2014 elsa and tiger halloween costumes 9 feature

Friday Family Fun Feast – Elsa and Her Wild Tiger

Do you remember when we were kids and there was only one chance to go trick-or-treating? Maybe it’s just me and the small town I grew up in. I don’t know, but I certainly don’t remember trunk or treats and fall festivals and costume parties, etc. I remember one super exciting night when the entire […]

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03-03-2014 birthday 1026

A Little Review…Diesel’s Third Birthday Party

Since I decided to take a WHOLE YEAR off from blogging, there was a lot missed. Except not missed. The beauty of not blogging was that I was able to enjoy special events without worrying about perfect pictures and perfect decorations and perfectly dressed children. OK…I still worried about those things because a special occasion […]

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