Diesel’s Room. Getting it Together.

01.18.2015 diesels new big boy heywood wakefield bed vintage afghan 3I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get things done around here. It’s kind of crazy, and frustrating, and overwhelming, and infuriating, and sad…shall I go on? Anyway, I wish I had kept a daily log of each room in the house. It would’ve been boring most of the time since renovations happen in spurts and then there’s tons of downtime in between projects. But I think it would’ve been helpful to show people what really happens when you’re doing your own renovations, and living in them, and have small children. I think it would’ve helped a lot of people decide NOT to pursue such a thing! It might’ve saved marriages even. But we’ll never know.

On to happier things…like finally finishing some projects…sort of. Diesel is almost four and finally had outgrown his toddler bed. So we were on the search for a big boy bed that would last him a good long time, and I wanted to get his room set up since he’d had saws and tools and shop vacs in his room for months. We fell in love with this IKEA bed, and had told D we were getting him a blue bed. His response was, “Yes. I want the blue bed.” And he told everyone we were getting him a blue bed. But when we started to look around at various IKEAs for it, it wasn’t available anywhere. I mean anywhere, and it couldn’t be purchased online. Thankfully Diesel was a pretty good sport about it and was just excited to have a new bed. (Of course, when I went on the IKEA site just now to grab this picture, the bed can now be purchased online, which was not an option before. UGH!) blue ikea kids bed busunge extendableMoving on again…so I found this awesome Heywood Wakefield vintage bed on Craig’s List for $250. I showed it to Jay who wasn’t crazy about it, especially because of the price. So I kept looking and stumbled upon the same exact bed at a local vintage shop for $75!!! Score! The only problem was that it was an extra long twin and Diesel’s room is pretty tiny. But we bought it anyway and of course Jay doctored it up. Maybe someday we’ll buy things that don’t have to be fixed in some way before they’re usable. Maybe. But that would just be too easy!

01.18.2015 diesels new big boy heywood wakefield bed vintage afghan 2 01.18.2015 diesels new big boy heywood wakefield bed vintage afghan 1We also finally got his big D hung up, set up his tee pee, and moved his antique dresser over. So now everything is in place, but there’s still work to be done. Like he needs a door! He has the weirdest little hobbit entrance to his room. I love it of course, but it complicates things…of course! He also still needs all of his trim rehung and a few more decorations placed on the walls. But at least it looks like a room and he no longer sleeps beside the miter saw! Progress!

01.30.2015 diesels new room big plastic letter cowhide rug little boy bedroom 1 01.30.2015 diesels new room homemade tee pee cowhide rug little boy bedroom 1 - Copy

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