Nate Sallie in Concert!

03.09.2015 nate sallie worship concert sbu pianoEarlier this week, my amazingly talented brother, Nate Sallie, performed at SBU in Bolivar, MO. He hasn’t done a concert like this in ages, and I was so excited that it was close enough for me to go. Crazy little story for those of you who don’t know…about two years ago my brother miraculously started driving from Nashville to Missouri on the weekends to be the worship leader for our little church. Then they hired him full time and his whole family moved here! We now live about a mile away from each other. It still blows my mind how all of this transpired, and sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

03.09.2015 nate sallie worship concert sbu piano 2

We didn’t grow up around any of our extended family, and that’s always made me kind of sad. Since I only have one sibling and Jay has none, our family is pretty small. But Nate has five kids and I was so sad that our kids weren’t growing up together. But now they are!!! And they all love each other so much. We reference them as “the cousins.” :)

Anyway, back to Nate and his music. He’s still a recording artist for Curb Records and is getting ready to release a new single. He also has several major hits that he’s written for other artists/groups like “All Eyes on You” for OBB and “That’s How You Change the World” for Newsboys.

03.09.2015 nate sallie worship concert sbu piano acoustic guitar 2 03.09.2015 nate sallie worship concert sbu piano acoustic guitarI get to hear him every Sunday, which is amazing, but there’s something about seeing him in his element in concert. He’s so freakin’ talented, and I know I’m not biased. Maybe a little proud…just a little. ;) Not that I gave him his pipes or anything, but ya know, I’m still pretty proud. He’s my big brother and there’s definitely a bit of an idol factor going on. Anyway…I have to give props to my hubby too who is a ridiculously talented drummer. The best in my opinion. He plays for church too of course, but again, there’s something different about seeing a live show where they can rock on full out without any inhibition. It’s such a pleasure to see…one of my greatest joys. Jay used to play with Nate on the road when we were in Nashville, and he gets to play for him for random dates, but I rarely get to see them. So this was a blast.

03.09.2015 nate sallie worship concert sbu piano jay on drums

Wow…was this the most rambly post I’ve ever had or what?! But I’m done now except to say keep your eye out for Nate’s new single!!!

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