New Traditions. Second Breakfast.

01.30.2015 second breakfast with diesel new friday traditionWe’ve kept our tradition of Friday Family Fun Feast on Friday nights with the whole family. Lula talks about it, loves it, lives for it! But Diesel and I have added on a little bit. After all…it’s not called Friday NIGHT Family Fun Feast! So why not feast all day?! (If only I could stop feasting the rest of the week too, this might be OK!)

Every other Friday D and I go to a moms’ group at my church. But on the other Fridays, we have Second Breakfast! Just me and him. I usually have an apple or green smoothie for breakfast, so I have no trouble eating more an hour or so later, and Diesel LOVES breakfast. It’s his favorite meal of the day and when he eats the most. I love getting to hang out with my little guy. He’ll be going to school full time oh so soon. So I’m trying to drink up our time together. (And he still likes to snuggle! Gotta take advantage of that!)

So far we’ve been hitting a local joint that’s on the way home from dropping Lula off. It’s called Market House Cafe, and we love it. D calls it “ca-fee”. The owner is super sweet and usually sits with us for a bit to chat with D. It’s fun to patronize a local place and for it to become a regular hangout. I want Diesel to remember having Second Breakfast with Mom at that special place. And if he doesn’t…I certainly will. So that’s good enough for me. :)

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