Removing Old Door Trim…and Then Putting It Back on.

01.17.2015 taking off door trim on stairway 7I’m sure I’ve complained at some point about the strangeness of our staircase and how we weren’t able to get certain pieces of furniture upstairs because of it. Our huge dresser stayed downstairs for nearly a year and a half because of this staircase. It has one step up, then a 90 degree turn. The doorway creates issues, the turn creates issues, and the low ceiling once you make the turn creates issues. It’s a hot mess!

My parents gave us their king mattress when they were clearing out their house, so all of a sudden we had another issue to deal with. There was no way that monster was getting up those stairs without major intervention! So…Jay intervened. (He’s going to kill me for posting him in his pajamas! But that’s what he gets for not wearing his sexy HGTV work clothes! He doesn’t have any of those, by the way.)01.17.2015 taking off door trim on stairway 6

We’ve talked many times about opening up the staircase completely and putting in a banister and rails so the living room would feel more open. But we also really like that we can shut and lock that door at the bottom of the stairs at night since all of our bedrooms are upstairs. It just feels a little safer. (Not that we live in a rowdy neighborhood!)

So we decided to give it a try. Open the doorway…see how we feel about it being open…and in the meantime get our big furniture upstairs! 01.17.2015 taking off door trim on stairway 5 01.17.2015 taking off door trim on stairway 4 01.17.2015 taking off door trim on stairway 3 01.17.2015 taking off door trim on stairway 2 01.17.2015 taking off door trim on stairway 1 01.17.2015 taking off old wood door trim on stairway 10 01.17.2015 taking off old wood door trim on stairway 9And that’s why I never clean the stairs, Mom! My mom had literally just wiped down the stairs while I was telling her there was no point. See? No point!

So Jay got all the trim off of the front and back of the doorway, which gave us a couple more inches of clearance on all sides. Then he called some friends. This is what it looked like when the guys showed up (thankfully two of them instead of one!). It was night by that time. It had taken him most of the day just to get the trim off. 01.17.2015 taking off old wood door trim on stairway 8I didn’t take a picture about an hour after the guys showed up. But just imagine someone taking a sawzall and cutting into the wall above the doorway and taking out about a foot of plaster and lathe. Cause that’s exactly what happened. I was standing at the top of the stairs the whole time literally sweating I was so stressed out. It took three guys an hour and a half to get one dresser and one mattress upstairs. Nightmare!!! But guess what? They’re up there! And they might never come back down! (The furniture…not the guys.)

A few days later we decided we really didn’t like that door being open and felt more secure with it closed. So can you guess what happens next in this crazy story? Did you say we put the trim back on? Well…you’re close! That’s what we decided to do, but you see, the wall had to be patched first, which requires layers of mud over fresh drywall, sanding, etc. Then the trim can go back on. This all happened several weekends ago and of course it’s not finished yet. (Not that I blame Jay for that. It’s just the way things go around here.) Sometimes I think Jay and I should be committed to a mental institution. Seriously, stop our madness!

But, hey! The good news is we finally have our dresser where it’s supposed to be and a nice king mattress. And…they may never come down again! So I guess I’ll either have to die in this house or sell it with some furniture included with a “keep it or burn it” note attached.

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