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02.16.2015 morning silhouette kids in the window seat shadows 02.25.2015 deer in gym socks painting artwork wall decor renovation old house 02.17.2015 snowman w colorful pom pom buttons kids in snow 03.07.2015 ikea stenstorp kitchen island counter bar butcher block 3 03.07.2015 ikea stenstorp kitchen island counter bar butcher block 2 03.07.2015 ikea stenstorp kitchen island counter bar butcher block1. One cozy snowy morning the kids came into our room and hung out together in our window seat while Jay and I tried to wake up. I love their friendship and love for each other. They’re my babies.

2. Deer in Gym Socks has returned to decorate a wall in our house. It originally hung in Lula’s room in our old house and has been rolled up in a corner since we moved to our new house. I’ve been planning to hang it in this particular spot in our dining room, but was waiting until the chair rail (aka door casing used incorrectly) came down. But one day, I just couldn’t take it any more. I got the crowbar out and started ripping that stuff off the wall. Of course, instead of a chair rail, we now have a line of Pepto Bismol pink paint and the top line of old wallpaper that was painted over with pukey brown paint and chunks missing where the plaster came out with the three inch long nails! Fun! Oh the glamor of an old house.

The pretty macrame garland you see hanging above the deer was made by Lula and me. She LOVED helping me make this, and it was super easy. It was inspired by Rachel Denbow’s macrame garland tutorial. We made it to decorate for Diesel’s birthday, but I kind of like it there to keep.

3. We FINALLY got snow! After last winter’s continuous dump and the prediction that this winter would be even worse, I made sure they had all the proper gear for this winter…and then it never snowed! Not that I’m complaining!!! I’d much rather them have unused snow gear than to have dealt with what the East coast is dealing with! Nevertheless, they were excited to finally to get to play in the white stuff. One day we made this cute little snowman with colorful pom poms for buttons. I kinda like him. :)

4. And finally, I finally got an island/bar/counter for my kitchen. I’ve been looking for months and working on Jay for even longer. He didn’t understand why this particular piece of furniture was going to change my life, but then he doesn’t live in the kitchen like I do. We don’t have an eat-in kitchen, only a dining room that is separated by a doorway from the kitchen. So it’s not really open, and I always hated it when the kids were eating in there (breakfast or lunch) and I was busy in the kitchen making their lunches for school or whatever. I also have very little counter space even though the kitchen is actually pretty big. We have two big windows on one wall that end near the floor. So that entire wall is useless for counter space. Anyway…after looking and finally wearing Jay down, I found this IKEA Stenstorp piece. It has a bar on one side, shelves on the other, and is counter height. I was getting ready to design something for Jay to make because I couldn’t find anything like this. It was a little more than we were planning to spend on a kitchen bar, but it’s worth every penny. It has definitely made a huge difference and the kids love it too!


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