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Let’s Vote: Hanging a Vintage Painting

I found this amazing painting during a thrifting trip recently. I was drawn to the two little kids walking through the trees…since I have two little kids. The first thing I did was paint the frame turquoise. It complements the oranges in the painting very nicely. Now to hang the painting. The question is…where? Initially […]

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Create: Wall Art for Lula’s Room Improved

I created this wall art for Lula's room, but wasn't happy with it because the letters didn't stand out. So due to a comment from Stephanie who suggested I use paint to spruce it up, I've been working on the piece and it looks much better! Thanks for the idea, Stephanie! I can't wait to […]

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Artist Spotlight: A Fun Find on Etsy – Eleven Peacocks’ Duct Tape Clutches

There are many times I see something in a store or online and think "I can make that." Then there are times when I think "I can make that, but I'd rather give credit to the artist and buy it because it's so unique!" This is one of those latter times. I found this interesting […]

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