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02.25.2015 deer in gym socks painting artwork wall decor renovation old house feature

Snippets from Life

1. One cozy snowy morning the kids came into our room and hung out together in our window seat while Jay and I tried to wake up. I love their friendship and love for each other. They’re my babies. 2. Deer in Gym Socks has returned to decorate a wall in our house. It originally […]

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12.03.2014 hand painted homemade wrapping gift wrap paper numbers birthday feature

Handmade Hand Painted Number Gift Tags DIY

My beautiful and amazing niece turned 16 at the beginning of this month. (I can’t believe she’s 16!!! But that means she can drive over here to babysit. Woo hoo!) Anyway, I wanted to do something really special for her for this big birthday. I’d actually been thinking for a whole year about this, and […]

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12.16.2014 Christmas presents wrapping tips painted banner gift tags 2 feature

Hand Painted Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags for Christmas DIY

I love coming up with a wrapping paper theme for my Christmas presents every year. I don’t put a whole lot of thought into since by the time I get to the end of wrapping all my presents, I’m usually ready to throw them in a plastic bag and call it good! But I do […]

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11.27.2014 Thanksgiving day dinner feature

Thanksgiving Day Brunch and Dinner 2014. Glittery Leaf Place Card DIY.

We are so blessed. How do we even begin to count? Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but when I start to feel that way, I just thank God for anything and everything that comes to mind. Thanksgiving keeps you humble, grateful, real. This amazing Thanksgiving started with my parents moving into a little house […]

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file cabinet diy 1001 feature

Vintage File Cabinet with Mid-Century Legs Makeover – DIY

For some crazy reason, this post was extremely popular on┬áPinterest. And because I still really love this piece and how it looks, I decided to add a few tips and updates. Here’s the original post with a few amendments/updates: Ever since we moved, over a year ago, our house has been in disarray. We’re renovating […]

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diy. cheap, easy, colorful, themed cupcake stand.

don't have a pretty cupcake stand? no worries! you can buy a cheap cardboard cupcake stand for $5 at walmart and decorate it yourself. that's just what i did for lula and diesel's birthday party. i bought two wilton cupcake stands. the stands are a glossy white. so they look decent on their own, but […]

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diy. how to make a little girl’s vintage apron with pockets.

i wanted to make lula a little something to go with her retro play kitchen for her birthday. i settled on a little apron made from vintage fabric with vintage fabric pockets. (i actually considered making a little apron for all of her friends as a party favor. yes, i was smoking crack at the […]

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Happy Halloween! A Happy Bird and a Cranky Indian

Last night our church hosted a Trunk or Treat party, which Lula kept calling a "tea party." I'd never been to one and didn't realize the "trunks" are actually the trunks of cars and not big pirate-y treasure chests. We agreed to decorate a trunk and of course I used my love of pom poms […]

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Create: DIY TV Console via Urban Outfitters

I had seen this Ad Hoc Bookcase on Urban Outfitters and kind of fell in love with it. Once I read the dimensions though, I realized it would be too small for our huge flat screen TV and we really didn't have the money for it. So I began looking elsewhere for a TV console […]

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