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Choosing Homeschool Curriculum—A Guide and Could Anything Be Harder?

Let me just start off by saying that having homeschooled for exactly two months, I don’t think I could exactly call myself an “expert” in choosing curriculum… AT. ALL. However, I found it abundantly useful to hear what other people were using, had tried, and how they felt about those things. So that’s my hope […]

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Schizophrenic Psychotic Homeschooling Momma

See that title up there? Yeah, well that’s me. 100%. I’ve gone off the deep end. (Obviously I’m using schizophrenic in a hyperbolic way. I know it’s a very serious thing. My apologies if you’re offended.) My mind is in constant turmoil and motion, tumbling endlessly like a furious washing machine as I contemplate what […]

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