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01.18.2015 diesels new big boy heywood wakefield bed vintage afghan 3 feature

Diesel’s Room. Getting it Together.

I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get things done around here. It’s kind of crazy, and frustrating, and overwhelming, and infuriating, and sad…shall I go on? Anyway, I wish I had kept a daily log of each room in the house. It would’ve been boring most of the time since renovations happen in […]

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01.12.2014 hanging vintage little girl wallpaper painted wood trim 3 feature

Hanging Vintage Wallpaper

I had bought this vintage wallpaper from ebay ages ago and have been planning to hang it in Lula’s room ever since. But I’m glad I waited and didn’t use it in our old house because I think we’ll be here much longer. And it’s So. Stinkin’. Cute!!!! I mean, you just never know. You […]

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Create: What I Did on the Road… Pom Pom Tree

We drove 15 hours with two children yesterday and we're all exhausted! We've been relaxing and enjoying my parents' wonderful hospitality and will do so for the next two weeks while our house is being torn apart and reconstructed! (I'll tell more about that later.) At 3am this morning we arrived at my parents, and […]

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Renovations: Master Suite Pre-Demolition

This will be hard to explain! I've mentioned the renovations going on in the upstairs bedroom of our house several times. Initially it was going to be the kids room, but now we've decided to make it our master suite…and we are REALLY, REALLY excited about this! We'll be away visiting my parents for a […]

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All the World’s a…Map

I love maps and globes. I always have. Not just the look of them, but actually reading them too. I'd like to have some maps and/or globes in the house…currently there are none. Here are some things that are inspiring me right now: Source Source Source Isn't this brilliant? This map from Urban Outfitters is […]

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Lula’s Room…Dilemmas Abound

I've been thinking…and thinking…and thinking about Lula's room lately and it's kind of driving me to madness. I want it to be perfect…as in Ohdeedoh Nursery Tour perfect. The problem? Number one: I like too many styles and color schemes. Number two: I have all of these really cool fabrics I've collected over the last […]

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in love. Wow! An Architectural Masterpiece Nursery

I've been searching online for ideas for Lula and Diesel's rooms and stumbled across this on Ohdeedoh. While the decor isn't really my style, I'm absolutely in love with the architectural elements of this space. Can you imagine being a kid in this space? It'd be heaven…like a magical dream. I'd actually like the space […]

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