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02.25.2015 deer in gym socks painting artwork wall decor renovation old house feature

Snippets from Life

1. One cozy snowy morning the kids came into our room and hung out together in our window seat while Jay and I tried to wake up. I love their friendship and love for each other. They’re my babies. 2. Deer in Gym Socks has returned to decorate a wall in our house. It originally […]

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06-23-2014 sassy lula 2

Adorable Bloomer Shorts and Swing Tops

Lula has been dressing herself since she was about three. And by that I mean she picks our her own clothes. Many mothers I know don’t allow their kids to do this. I’ll confess it was hard to let go of that control and making sure my child looked cute always, but it’s part of […]

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Who Needs a Playground When You Have a Bouncy Couch?! Part 1

I've given up! I tried to "preserve" my living room as a shrine to adults, but the children have taken over this area of the house as well. (More on this idea later…) Lula loves to bounce and what better place to do so than our low-sitting springy vintage couch! Diesel loves to crawl and […]

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A Sunny Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday we headed to the pumpkin patch at a local farm for the second year in a row. Last year Lula had the most fun running through the pumpkin patch and trying to pick up big orange "balls". This year there were many more activities for the little kids including bounce houses and slides […]

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5 Fabulous Finds: Back Pack Round Up

With Lula on her way to preschool in just a few weeks, backpacks have been on my mind. Of course I can't just go to Walmart and pick up a Tinker Bell bag. That would completely go against everything I believe in! So I've been looking around online, disappointed with the prices of the bags […]

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