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02.25.2015 deer in gym socks painting artwork wall decor renovation old house feature

Snippets from Life

1. One cozy snowy morning the kids came into our room and hung out together in our window seat while Jay and I tried to wake up. I love their friendship and love for each other. They’re my babies. 2. Deer in Gym Socks has returned to decorate a wall in our house. It originally […]

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01.18.2015 diesels new big boy heywood wakefield bed vintage afghan 3 feature

Diesel’s Room. Getting it Together.

I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get things done around here. It’s kind of crazy, and frustrating, and overwhelming, and infuriating, and sad…shall I go on? Anyway, I wish I had kept a daily log of each room in the house. It would’ve been boring most of the time since renovations happen in […]

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122914IMG_7940-1 feature

Glimpses of our Current House

Our house is still in progress…like a lot of progress, but here are some glimpses of what it looks like right now. (If you want to see it before we moved in, click here.) One of the first things we did was paint the living room when we moved in. It was an ugly brown, […]

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12.13.2014 master bedroom in progress renovations closet built ins plaster walls repair 2 feature

Renovating our Master Bedroom – Progress – Before Built-in Closets

I am SO far behind on home renovation updates it’s not even funny! (Of course…I did stop blogging for a whole year, so that’s part of the problem…or all of the problem!) Anyway, throughout this year we mainly worked on the upstairs. We tore down walls to put insulation in, removed wallpaper and paneling, put […]

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07-15-2014 vintage antique hex tile design 9

Black and White Hex Tile Design

Choosing tile for a bathroom can be fun, and daunting, and overwhelming, and exhausting! Especially when Pinterest displays one brilliant idea after another…and when the person picking the tile expects perfection (ahem…that’s me.) I knew I wanted white hexagon tile in our new upstairs bathroom to keep our house somewhat period relevant…Victorian. So when I […]

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starting renovations and enjoying life in the country at mule days.

this past weekend (or maybe it was two weekends ago!) jay jumped into the beginnings of one of our major renovations: adding a bathroom upstairs. it’d probably be nice if i finished our new home tour so you’d have some context for what i’m talking about, but…i’ve been a bit lazy lately! here jay is […]

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