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Getting Out of the Trenches

Clichés can be so annoying, but the problem is they’re clichés for a reason… because they’re usually true. One of my least favorites is “hindsight is 20/20.” Because it’s SOOOO true, and it’s so annoying that it’s true! Why can’t we just see what we’re going to see later when we’re in the moment? Why […]

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No More Toys in the Kitchen! How Toddlers Find Ways to Get in Trouble

The stool reads, "This little stool is mine / I use it all the time / To reach the things I couldn't / And lots of things I shouldn't". (Photo by Janae Hardy) This was my stool when I was a little girl, and now it resides in Lula's room. While Lula doesn't use this […]

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