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How to Survive a Car Trip with Kids

My kiddos have traveled quite a bit for their young ages. Each stage of their lives has presented different challenges when traveling. There’s the baby stage when you worry about how to heat up their bottle on a plane or on the road, diaper blowouts in a cramped window seat, missing nap times, and ears […]

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15 Years and Counting…and a Lovely Trip to Europe

I can’t believe I’ve been married for 15 years!!! I don’t feel like that’s possible…practically half of my life I’ve been with this bloke! (Sorry…there are some British people in the booth next to me talking very loudly, and it just seemed appropriate.) Anyway, we’re on our way to Europe at the moment, so I’m […]

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Create: What I Did on the Road… Pom Pom Tree

We drove 15 hours with two children yesterday and we're all exhausted! We've been relaxing and enjoying my parents' wonderful hospitality and will do so for the next two weeks while our house is being torn apart and reconstructed! (I'll tell more about that later.) At 3am this morning we arrived at my parents, and […]

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